18 August 2011
GreekHoliday Cooking

Well I know we have been back from lovely sunny Greece for some time but busy summer buffets have kept us cooking instead of blogging!  We sampled a great amount  of wonderful, fresh, seasonal and home grown dishes on the Island of Lesvos- even finding time to get behind the cooker and learn a few local specialities.

The photo below is our slow baked aubergine, tomato and fresh herbs dish.

Our lovely host, Helen Giannis, who lives near Molyvos in the North of the island, provided a day of tuition to cook a variety of vegetarian dishes using local ingredients - most of which Helen grew herself!

Janet and Helen above working in a lovely open air kitchen setting.

Janet and Debbie above in deep concentration over the food prep!

Although we worked hard to produce freshly made rice stuffed vine leaves, courgette fritters, aubergine bake and a picked fresh greek salad, using Helen's own top quality cold pressed olive oil, the best bit was sitting down with Helen and her husband and a glass of chilled wine to sample our delicious food.

Helen also runs a garden nursery and lets out a beautiful house at the end of her wonderful garden as a holiday let.  We have provided the website address on the Links page so check it out for a glorious destination and if you are ever visiting Lesvos, sign up for a cooking day - it was fabulous!


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