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Please contact us if you are interested in any of the theme nights at Strathmore Rugby Club in Forfar - they are on the last Friday of each month and include a 3 course themed meal for £17.50.

Coming up:

on Friday 27th October is our French where we will be serving up classic favourites.

on Friday 24th November it will be 'Winter is Coming' with a selection of popular, seasonal dishes from around the world (mainly Northern European!).

Check out our Christmas Menus - for the full seated 3 or 2 course event or our Christmas Themed buffets to celebrate the season in the office or at home with friends.

16 August 2016New Look Buffets and Hot Buffets

Yes it's official - the technology challenged pair at Kirrie Dumplings have started to update the website and promise to keep it current and interesting.  We are even on twitter now!

Obviously we prefer pottering in the kitchen making delicious items to sitting at a computer screen or fiddling with our out of control smartphones (I swear if Janet loses all her icons fron the homescreen again I will hide her phone in the freezer!), but we will try to think up new ideas each month for our regular customers to try - watch this space!!!!

No theme night at the end of this month at the rugby club as we have a busy start to the new season hospitality with a sold out Legends Lunch on the opening Saturday, August 27th.

Check out our revamped buffet selections and a new, delux stovies from around the world section in our hot buffet options.... mm... who knew stovies could travel so well?


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