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Please contact us if you are interested in any of the theme nights at Strathmore Rugby Club in Forfar - they are on the last Friday of each month and include a 3 course themed meal for £17.50.

Coming up:

on Friday 27th October is our French where we will be serving up classic favourites.

on Friday 24th November it will be 'Winter is Coming' with a selection of popular, seasonal dishes from around the world (mainly Northern European!).

Check out our Christmas Menus - for the full seated 3 or 2 course event or our Christmas Themed buffets to celebrate the season in the office or at home with friends.

20 September 2012Still Summer?

Hi everyone

Well things are busy with us as usual. The next few weeks will see us at a wedding in Kirrie Town Hall, getting Gallic with French Bistro night and entertaining the ladies of the rugby club with a champagne and canape lunch.

I'm off to a dentist appointment this morning and they are expecting me to show them some new Xmas menus but haven't managed to tune into the turkey vibe. Next week I promise!

I've put a new recipe on the site which is a Brazillian coconut tart. Quite a few diners asked about it  - actually it was a good night with a few new and unusual dishes to test the regulars.

Righty oh I'll see you soon.


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